7 Reasons Why You Should Have an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are plant extracts acquired by pressing the plants. Essential oils exhibit health benefits ranging from skin care to home hygiene maintenance. For a better dispersion of their benefits, one needs to use an essential oil diffuser. An essential oil diffuser dispenses the vapor through diffusion. The vapor is rich the bioactive plant compound that is beneficial to health. The reasons for having an essential oil diffuser is to;


Provides Easier Breathing

An oil diffuser provides more natural breathing through the release of the vapor. The vapor contains the bioactive compound of maybe eucalyptus tree extracts used. The oil diffuser gets strategically placed in a room whereby its vapor diffuses all through the room. The vapor acts to provide decongestion of the breathing system and thus ease breathing. It also unblocks the chests and control mucus release. An essential oil diffuser keeps one free from cold, flu and troubling coughs.


Stress Relief


Diffusing essential oils like lavender has proved to reduce stress in an individual. It has also proved proficiently in reducing anxiety in case of medical patients. The aroma released during diffusion gets into the body through the nasal cavity and travels to the brain cell whereby it exhibits a soothing feeling. The feeling results in relaxation and a stress-free individual.


Safe Scents That Make Sense


An oil diffuser provides safe scents that are helpful to your health. It is also safe since it reduces the risks that come with the use of candles. Candles may result in burns and fires in a case where children are involved. An oil diffuser works to release an air freshening scent that is also environmentally friendly. They are designed to suit the users need. One can change the scents you need depending on the health benefits you want it to confer.


Improved Sleep


Many essential oil diffusers are designed to suit mixing of scents. One can diffuse different plant extracts to acquire mixed scents. Besides this, they are also designed to hum hence providing a relaxed atmosphere for the mind. It is easier to fall asleep with the soothing hum. Once asleep, the oil diffuser has an auto shut off feature that turns off on its own. You can also have the best essential oil for snoring which is awesome for people who have partners who snore.


Bacteria and mold killing


The release of the essential oils in the air renders the atmosphere inhospitable for the existence of bacteria. Essential oils diffuse breaks down free radical which may favor bacterial survival. Eucalyptus, tea tree and thyme are a good example. Diffused oils also help combat fungal yeast such as mold. They make the environment unfavorable for their existence. Pine and red thyme are useful examples which act against mold.


Natural Bug Repellant


Diffused essential oils helps to put off mosquitos. A combination of clove essential oil and lemongrass essential oil has proved effective against mosquitoes. Essential oils are safe repellants, unlike the commonly used chemicals which pause health risks to even kids. An essential oil diffuser keeps your home off bugs. It is cheaper compared to the cost of repellents sprays.


Appetite Control


An essential oil diffuser for peppermint has proved to curb appetite. Studies have shown that peppermint essential oil induces a satisfaction state within the body. Diffused peppermint essential oils increase energy and thus stimulate the senses to give the body a satiety feeling.